Sunday, January 13, 2013


On an external blog, I found a very delicious recipe with Gnocchi. The blog named puppenzimmer often has a lot of good recipes or simply wonderful things you want to buy. At the moment the author often writes about balanced-food-recipes, it’s food with lower calories. I think that´s a very good idea, because some people are often searching for low calories recipes. Therefore today I have tried to cook the Gnocchi recipe. I´m bound to say it´s very simple to cook, but Gnocchi are not my favorites – for those who like Gnocchi that’s a perfect recipe. 

I have converted the recipe a little bit – I have used olives instead of capers. Here you can read the full recipes

Love, Pia <3

Monday, January 7, 2013

I love Tassimo

Today it was Christmas and my birthday together because at 8:00 am the postman ringed on my door and brings me this wonderful Tassimo. My boyfriend and I have been thinking to buy a coffee machine for a long time. But we are no really coffee drinker – so I hate coffee and my boyfriend drinks it only sometimes. Therefore, it is not really profitable for us to by an expensive coffee maker. However we discovered the advantages from a Tassimo. A Tassimo not only makes coffee – this machine does everything you would like for example Milka cocoa, different sorts of tea, a lot of varieties of coffee such as Latte macchiato, cappuccino or expresso. You can buy the drinks in capsules – the products aren´t very cheap but it´s ok. Besides, Tassimo has a good deal. Till 31th January 2013 every person who buys a Tassimo gets a 40 € voucher for the online store. Moreover you can buy this machine for a good deal by amazon:

So far we have tested the Milka cocoa and the Latte macchiato – these products taste very good! At the moment we waiting wistfully for the other products we bought from our online voucher. Therefore I can suggest Tassimo!

Love, Pia <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year´s Eve with raclette

Hi guys, firstly I wish you a happy new year with a lot of luck and new experience! I hope you had a nice New Year´s Eve! This year we went easy into 2013 because we hadn´t so much pleasure to go to a big New Year´s Party. So, friends from our home town visited us in our flat and we made traditional raclette. I love raclette because it is for any man, tastes good and it´s no bother! The last point was very important for me because I hadn´t enough time to create a big meal for all persons. Therefore we had a homely evening with a lot of food, a conversable time, funny games and big fireworks! I wish you the best for this New Year and hope your wishes will come true! Enjoy the New Year´s Day and your free time! 


Love, Pia <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas insights

Hi guys, the Christmas days are over now and probably you know that: all the days you are eating, eating, eating. Of course, it’s very delicious, but some day it´s enough. Today I will show you some insights of our Christmas food. 

I was glad that I hadn’t so much work during the holidays because every day we were eating by one of the family. Besides my mother and my mother-in-law are fantastic cooks! I helped my mother a bit in the kitchen but it wasn´t my task to cook. Moreover on two days we were eating outside – that´s always good. This Christmas I only baked the chocolate cake – this is very delicious and looks very good. This cake is not only for Christmas, you can eat it all over the year. This recipe I have from a wonderful food blog, have a look at: 

Here you can see some insights of my Christmas 2012!

I wish you a Happy New Year with a lot of new recipes!

Love, Pia <3